Superintendent, Beth Norcia

Beth Norcia

Dear Parents and Families of Maple Shade,

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year.   This is truly my favorite time of year!  We have spent all summer updating our curriculum plans, cleaning and polishing our classrooms, restocking supply rooms, and planning for the best year yet.  You can feel the energy and excitement running through all the offices of the schools. Our first day for all students is Thursday, September 7th,  for a 4 hour session.

Last year, we said goodbye to many staff members after amazing careers in Maple Shade that spanned many different generations. While it is hard to replace such wonderful and caring educators, we are very fortunate to have hired excellent and experienced staff members for this school year.  You will have the chance to meet many of our new staff on the first day, in your child’s classroom and at Back to School Night.  

This school year we will be creating a district task force to examine some of the greater needs of the district.  It has been about twelve years since our last referendum and with some debt retiring in the next few years, it is a great time to start the discussion.  The task force responsibilities will include analyzing the district's facility needs by walkthroughs and observations, evaluate change in population growth and share important opinions from the community. A school district should be a sense of pride for the community and everyone has value as a part of our team.  I will be sending out more information as the school year begins.

Our team is exceptional and I am very proud of them.  I am extremely humbled by the amazing work I see happen in our educational community as well as our township community each day.  I am privileged to work alongside so many members of our community that give back and support our town. We have a school board that is knowledgeable and cares about the students and the staff. We can all be very proud of a community that supports education and kids. The only way to continue to improve achievement, better our programming and continue our vision for our schools is to do it together. Our partnership needs to be strong and consistently growing. We appreciate any and all efforts to assist with your children in our schools. We have all worked hard to set up a structure for successful implementation of current and newer programs.   It is great to be a Wildcat….

On behalf of the entire Board of Education and the district administration, faculty and staff, I look forward to seeing you at the following Back to School Nights:

                   Howard Yocum Elementary         September 28, 2017

                   Maude Wilkins Elementary          September 19, 2017

                   Steinhauer School                         September 26, 2017

                   Maple Shade High School           October 3 , 2017



Beth Norcia, Superintendent