2016-2021 Maple Shade Schools Strategic Plan

2016-2021 Maple Shade Schools Strategic Plan

The Maple Shade School District strategic plan was created during the 2015-2016 school year using input from the entire Maple Shade Educational Community. Each area was developed during a meeting with the district staff. The group discussed the district’s strengths and areas that needed improvement. A letter was sent out to the community inviting all to attend one of the six committees.  Each committee met several times over the six months of planning.  The Maple Shade School District wants to commend and thank everyone who was involved in this process. Planning and working together can only improve upon what we do each day and further our quest of being the best district.


District's Missions & Goals      List of Committee Members

Overarching ideas:

  1. The Maple Shade School District is committed to providing an environment where all students can flourish and learn no matter of his/her ability level, gender or race.

  2. The Maple Shade School District strives to partner  with parents and students to provide learning to all.

  3. The Maple Shade School District will provide a safe, secure and productive learning environment for both staff and students.

  4. The Maple Shade School District's communication will be timely, informative and consistent.

  5. The Maple Shade School District will integrate technology and communication tools that enhance all areas of the learning environment  for students and staff.

  6. The Maple Shade School District will continue to revise curriculum documents and assessments to align with state standards,research-based and best practices.

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Safety & Security CI&A Understanding Student Divsersity

Community Parent Outreach District Culture Technology & Communication

A more in depth look into the committees’ meeting minutes and survey results are available in the district office. If you have questions regarding the strategic plan, please contact the Superintendent of Schools, Beth Norcia @ bnorcia@msemail.org.