Harrassment, Intimidation & Bullying

HIB Reporting Form for Families / Caregivers

Maple Shade School District Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy - CLICK TO VIEW

NJ DOE School Self Assessment HIB Grade

The differences between HIB, Bullying, Conflict, and Inappropriate Behavior

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Scott Arnauer, Director of Technology & Student Services
170 Frederick Ave, Maple Shade NJ 08052
856-779-1750 x6276; [email protected]

NJ School Climate State Coordinator:
To be hired by NJDOE [email protected]

Maple Shade High School (856) 779-2880

Anti-Bullying Specialist: Stephanie Hand, School Counselor x1263; shand@msemail.org
Anti-Bullying Specialist: Diana Betz, School Counselor x1218; d[email protected]
Anti-Bullying Specialist: Kim Kelly, School Counselor x1217; [email protected]
Anti-Bullying Specialist: Sam Budesa, School Counselor x1287; [email protected]
Anti-Bullying Specialist: Agnes Lobley, School Counselor x1274; a[email protected]

Steinhauer Elementary (856) 779-7323

Anti-Bullying Specialist: Christian Weiss, School Counselor; [email protected]

Wilkins Elementary (856) 779-7334

Anti-Bullying Specialist: Kelly Stokes, School Counselor; k[email protected]

Yocum Elementary (856) 779-7423

Anti-Bullying Specialist: Carol Gheysens, School Counselor; [email protected]

*All school administrators also serve as anti-bullying specialists.