It is a time to love one another, be kind, and be more accepting of all of our differences. 

It is a time to unite as one community and support one another. 

It is time to remind our children about the value of looking at people on the inside and for who they really are.


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Preschool Registration 2020-2021

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We believe:

  • All students can learn but do so differently.
  • Each student is entitled to personalized learning from caring adults in an intellectually stimulating environment that is physically and emotionally safe.
  • The most influential factor in the learning process and best predictor of student achievement is the teacher.
  • An effective educational system anticipates, plans and acts in response to a changing world, preparing each graduate for success in a global environment.
  • Students thrive in a learning environment that guides self-discovery and self-determination.
  • It is important to infuse technology throughout the curriculum to actively engage students and embrace their learning modalities.
  • Education must develop students’ understandings of the social, emotional, physical, economic, and environmental implications of their decisions.
  • We have the obligation to nurture a culture of respect that honors the uniqueness of the individual, provides a sense of belonging, and fosters responsibility toward the community.




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